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Orangutan assisted Dogen on combing battlefields for survivors and on one such battlefield Orangutan found a lone orphaned girl searching the killing grounds for food.

Orangutan fed her, and she followed him for a time before Dogen adopted her and trained her in the ways of medicine. Soon after, the Shinobi Prosthetic was perfected and Orangutan began fighting the ministry with Isshin in earnest. But as he trained with the tool and developed new ways to kill with it he began to feel the Shura bloodlust build within him again. He left Isshin's Service and moved to the dilapidated temple far outside the castle where he continues to carve the Buddha with the hopes that one day he can drive away the fires of hatred and carve a buddha with a kindly face like the one the Dogen carved for him.

There's an eavesdrop behind the temple if Sculptor is affliced with dragonrot and the doctor is sitting next to him, revealing that he's called Orangutan. As it turned out the Sculptor is the Wolf from the future who went back in time. Sign In Help Sign Out.

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Submit Submit Close. Load more. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Wolf Goodreads Author. Eight men and women take their first steps along the paths to war, barely realizing that their world will soon face a much greater threat; at the heart of the world, the Dragon stirs in her sleep. A warrior would become Queen, a Queen would become a monster, and a young boy plays his bird-skull flute to keep the shadows of death at bay.

Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. The Dragon's Legacy 1. Other Editions 8. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. How many books should we expect this series to have? Deborah Wolf At least three.

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I know the book is not out yet, but can you give us a hint about what inspired this story? Deborah Wolf Hi, Tina, great question! This book was largely inspired by the way in which people react to fear of the 'Other'--the unfamiliar, those not like …more Hi, Tina, great question! This book was largely inspired by the way in which people react to fear of the 'Other'--the unfamiliar, those not like 'us'--and a philosophy which would suggest that we are alike in more ways than which we differ.

If you look at a history of human storytelling, we tend to tell the same story in different languages, different settings; like the web of Indra, each world, each person, each story illuminates and reflects all others, infinitely. That, and dragons are really cool.

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 17, Bob Milne rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy-epic. I've been trying to think of a clever way to lead into this review, but I'm just going to come right out and say it. The Dragon's Legacy is one of the finest epic fantasies I have ever had the privilege of reading. It's only one novel, my first experience with Deborah A. Wolf, but I am already prepared to clear some shelf space for her next to Erikson, Hobb, and Kay.

It's that well-written, that engaging, that complex, and that consuming. This is not a book you dabble in or breeze through, it's I've been trying to think of a clever way to lead into this review, but I'm just going to come right out and say it. This is not a book you dabble in or breeze through, it's one you sit down with for hours at a time and read every word. It's a story that doesn't come easy, with characters who don't draw clear lines between heroes and villains. It doesn't follow the narrative path you might expect, and its mythology is as broad, as deep, and as engaging as a lost religion.

I struggled with this at times, going back and rereading passages, pages, and even chapters to understand everything that was going on. Wolf has a habit of dropping us into the chapter, surrounding us with layers of language and imagery, and holding the POV character close to her chest for sometimes a full page or even two. It's maddening, frustrating, and yet one of the finest reading experiences I have ever enjoyed.

Absolutely everything here worked for me - the world-building, the setting, the mythology, the politics, the characters, the dialogue, the story. It's very much a desert-fantasy, which is not usually my first choice, but Wolf breathes so much life and mystery into shifting sands that I was legitimately stunned by the setting. Nothing here is merely for show, just a curious bit of detail to keep you reading. Everything has meaning, resonance, and significance, even if it's not yet entirely clear how. Similarly, I thought the whole spider aspect was perfectly creepy, but then she goes spins an entire world of monsters and villains out of that web, shocking me with the horrors near the end of the book.

Yes, this is epic fantasy, complete with heroism and grandeur, but it's also damned scary in places. I am not going to talk about the plot or the characters, because I have neither the time nor the words to do so. I could share with you painfully inadequate sketches of each, but you need to read this to fully appreciate it. What I will say is that the characters are complex, often wounded or damaged in some way, outsiders in many cases, and beset by conflicts of duty and motivation. There is nothing simple about any of them, and yet their betrayals still wound us as deeply as those of any beloved character whom we've followed for an entire series.

It's one of those books where, if you were to keep a scorecard of heroes and villains, you'd need a heavy-duty eraser, as you'll constantly be shifting names from one column to the other. Finally, I feel like I must say something about the genre. I've seen some debate as to whether this qualifies as grimdark or epic fantasy, but I say it's both.

This is a story that's dark, full of pain and horror, with an overwhelming pall of sorrow and loss. The world is dying, races are dying, and yet cultures continue to pursue their petty conflicts. There is something of the 'chosen one' trope here, with a few characters 'destined' to save or destroy the world, but there are no choices - just traps, deceptions, and the lesser of two evils.

Yet, despite all that, this is still a sweeping epic fantasy, full of big ideas, intricate mythologies, and deep histories. There are moments of joy and friendship, of humor and love, that draw it all together and cast the epic light needed for there to be grimdark shadows. In the end, The Dragon's Legacy is a complex beast. It's not an easy read, but it's a compelling one. You can expect to be surprised, amused, excited, horrified, and saddened, and sometimes within the same scene. Whatever you expect, prepare for more. View all 7 comments.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review. After the prologue, the story focuses mainly around Sulema, an outlander to the Zeera, raised from a young child, now on the verge of womanhood, we find her in the last stages of her training to become a Ja' Akari, following through to the subsequent culmination and her acceptanc 4. After the prologue, the story focuses mainly around Sulema, an outlander to the Zeera, raised from a young child, now on the verge of womanhood, we find her in the last stages of her training to become a Ja' Akari, following through to the subsequent culmination and her acceptance into the Ja' Akari.

Not long after a mysterious stranger appears in Aish Kalumm, complete with a shocking revelation regarding her parentage that will irrevocably alter Sulema's world, finding that unfortunately, you can't outrun your birthright or your past, somehow it always catches up to you in the end. Along with Sulema's story arc, you also have that of the Daeborn Jian taking place within Khanbul the Forbidden City in the land of Sindan and home to the Sindanese emperor.

The Dae are a race who live in the Twilight lands and who on occasion procreate with the Sindanese, the resulting spawn are referred to as 'Daeborn' and if they are born at the right time, they are then sent for brutal training to become Daechen warrior. This is my only niggle with the book, not much time was spent on this part of the story, and I personally really enjoyed it, finding Jian's arc to be a good counterpoint to that of Sulema, but we only got around 6 chapters interspersed throughout the entire book.

Saying that however, the chapters move Jian's story along nicely, and the end of his final chapter leaves you expectant of what's next to come from both Jian and the Sindanese. A large part of the story takes place in the Zeera, a vast desert landscape, the zeerani fortress of Aish Kalumm and the surrounding area, but it's not just simply 'the location' where most of The Dragon's Legacy is set. No, Wolf does a great job of making it feel like a living and breathing integral piece of the pie, and it's as much a part of the tale being told as both the characters and story.

After The Sundering a cataclysmic event that took place approximately 1, years prior to The Dragon's Legacy life is hard in the Zeera, every year fewer children are born to the tribes, more people die and less vash'ai choose to bond with the zeeranim people of the desert. Wolf makes the Zeera feel alive and dangerous. The vash'ai are a fantastic creation, very large intelligent cats with very large tusks, not your average house cat, simply put, they are pretty fucking cool! With members of the zeeranim who they deem worthy they bond, becoming zeeravashini a zeerani who has bonded with a vash'ai kithren to each other, aiding in protecting the Zeera.

The vash'ai can converse telepathically, as a member of the kin descendents of the first races also including wyverns and mymyc they are intelligent creatures capable of cognizant thoughts, awareness and some quality lines. Aahhh who's a clever kitty, but be warned, while the vash'ai have that same proud and self-centred aloofness that most cats have, these aren't purring furrballs of fun! When the story moves to Atualon, the seat of power for Wyvernus Ka Atu, the Dragon King and sole wielder of the atulfah sa and ka combined to create the song of creation.

Sa and Ka are the magic in The Dragon's Legacy, two sides of the same coin. Sa, the female half, offering an amplified sense of harmony and Ka, the male half, offering an amplified awareness of your surroundings. You have a city locale making for a more standard setting and part of the book, but the change in location works well, giving the zeerani who travelled there a fish out of water vibe, and is a nice change of pace to the harsh desert. The Dragon King, in particular the atulfah he commands is an integral part of the story, Ka Atsu is the only man capable of keeping the dormant dragon within the world quiescent.

If the dragon awakes, then the world would crack open like an egg, or if you prefer the grimdark version, like a cleaved skull! In the Zeera the roles are reversed, you find the females the dominant sex and fighters, with the Umm Nurati first mother being in charge. In the culture the men are relegated to husbands and farmers, with some becoming Ja' Sajani, the wardens of the Zeera, but the Ja' Akari, the protectors of the Zeera are all ferocious female warriors, and it works really well, making for a refreshing change and giving you a bountiful abundance of strong female characters.

The Dragon's Legacy is a very character driven read, featuring an ambitious list of characters, some major, some minor, with some who you will love, some who you will hate, some who play far more pivotal roles than others and some who you will question their actions, including, Sulema, Hannei, Hafsa Azeina, Daru, Leviathus, Jian, Char, Mattu Halfmask, Ismai, Istaza Ani and Askander to name amongst others. My favourite character would have to be Hafsa Azeina, the former Queen consort of Atualon, current dreamshifter means she can kill people in their sleep, how cool of the Zeeranim and Sulema's mother, she's such a complex, intriguing and fascinating character who ran from her previous life, changed herself, and went down dark paths all in aid of protecting her daughter.

While not all of the main characters are instantly likeable, they are all fully fleshed out, believable and given distinct personalities adding to the story. Wolf has a descriptive and detailed writing style that flows well with great pacing, there's enough action to satisfy and it's never overly visceral or bloody, politics, intrigue, betrayal, humour, dark times, some lighter times and emotion are all added to the mix, she sure knows how to spin a good yarn - I used yarn instead of tale or story, due to 'yarn' as in a 'ball of yarn' that cats play with, as the vash'ai are cats, it's the obligatory bad humour you often find in my reviews!

The world and the subsequent world building found within the pages is intricate, vast and fully realised. Wolf has made the lands luxuriantly rich in culture, history and lore. Luckily she largely manages to avoid the trope of 'info dumping' on you as she weaves her exquisite tapestry that is The Dragon's Legacy, evoking vivid imagery in your mind, immersing you in her setting and the story being told thanks to her writing. With The Dragon's Legacy Wolf has created an elaborate read and a sprawling fantasy, as such isn't the easiest of books to get into when you first open it up.

Intelligence and Instincts

In a similar vein to the beginning of Gardens of the Moon Malazan book of the fallen 1 by Steven Erikson and other suck ilk found within the fantasy genre, you are thrust straight into the action and story, and at times it can be slightly confusing as there are a lot of various different names and places for you to remember. Wolf doesn't hold your hand or comfort you like a mewling babe, you're expected to find your own way and the glossary luckily located at the front of the book will on occasion be needed, but as you progress, becoming accustomed to the plethora of names, you become invested in the characters and story, finding that you are losing yourself in the book.

The Dragon's Legacy is the first book in the series, due to this a few aspects of the story and locations are only vaguely visited and alluded to throughout. I'll be looking forward to delving deeper in the next installment, after all you have to keep a little something back for the following books. Finding The Dragon's Legacy to have everything that a great fantasy book needs, add in a conclusion that leaves you questioning both what happens next and wanting more, and you find yourself with an exceptional debut and a top quality book that deserves to be read. Highly recommended.

View 2 comments. Jun 07, Petros Triantafyllou rated it really liked it. An exciting and enjoyable novel in a refreshing setting. I quite liked it. Sep 17, The Nerd Book Review rated it it was amazing. Wolf weaves such an intricate tale with a vivid world and fleshed our characters that I often forgot I was supposed to be taking notes and thinking of what to include in the podcast.

I think that if Wolf can replicate this quality of work throughout the series this has a chance to become one of my favorites. Feb 20, nat. Group read at the Grimdark Fantasy group. Also my second grimdark novel written by a female author. Definitely need more of these. The plus: Interesting world-building with some of my personal favorites: a matriarchal society and another one with strong connection to the sea.

The author wrote rather nice proses and some narratives are downright poetic. The characters, most are memorable and some are even very engaging and making me want to root for them. Especially Daru, the little boy who could Group read at the Grimdark Fantasy group.

Especially Daru, the little boy who could speak to shadows. I just want to hug him and tell him everything's gonna be alright. The minus: The amount of POVs and subplots are distracting. Probably need better editing to improve the pacing. Also, the amount of non-English words with no explanation anywhere in the book are also quite a lot, despite a very long list of terms at the beginning. Since I am curious about the fate of some of the characters - this book is definitely not a stand-alone - I will continue to the next book. View all 10 comments. Sep 04, Eleanor bookishcourtier rated it really liked it Shelves: four-star , fantasy , read-in I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed.

This book started out absolutely fantastic. I was loving it. To be fair to the book, I do think that my mood shifted a little halfway through, but I just felt that the story grew a little Like, it was great and all, but the book didn't feel like an overall arc. We were still introducing new threads and characters and stuff until the very last page, and the end just still felt like the beginning.

I felt like the story just nev 3.

I felt like the story just never moved forward. And I get that this is the first book and that it is a huge epic fantasy series, but the plot still needed to go somewhere. The set up was so so good but the book just didn't move It wasn't so much that the book was slow, it was just Nothing pivotal.

I want to read the next book, but this one was a little unsatisfying. I admit though, there is so much to love about this book! Okay, for starters, the worldbuilding and ideas put into this are incredible. And no, it doesn't really include dragons sad but it does include giant cat things which bond with people awesome! And there is a super helpful glossary at the front which actually tells you what is going on! Can more books have this feature, especially in epic fantasy where is confuzzling? I also think the worl felt really expansive.

There are different cultures for different countries and it is really detailed and rich and beautifully described and I didn't think it ever got boring or slow. It just didn't move on from this worldbuilding and character building. This book fulfilled everything I needed and then I had a slight shift. But I also don't think that it was totally my fault. I DO want to read book two, because this series has so much potential. There were so many great characters whose names I do not remember but!

Look, my forgetfulness of names does not mean that I dislike the book. I did read this book awhile ago, okay! I am so behind on my reviews Anyhow, I do think the characters were really well developed and I think I would reread this book in the future. There are just so many details that I think there would be something new to find every time you read it. Overall I enjoyed this book, and I think I will love this series, but I wish this book had moved forwards a little bit.

If you want some detailed and epic fantasy I think you should try this. Go try it. Read it. I think this series is going to be amazing. I will get the next book at some point. It needs to have more hype. And I hope something more I like the characters. I love the concept and world. I love the writing.

Now I just need some direction. Mar 09, Sean Rodden rated it it was amazing. But this author is an intrepid soul or a reckless one - or both - and she insisted I read and review her dreamchild This is easily the best epic fantasy debut I have ever read, and instantly ranks among the classics of the genre for me. The writing is immaculate, the world-building is astounding, the characters lovable, hate-able, absolutely believable.

My brother and i are definitely not good together in a pack as we get very aggressive with one another and im not protective of him at all. I do want to learn all i can about my wolf side as i want to start having my life in check with working together. Very insightful! I went to a psychic once and she said my totem would present itself to me. I dreamt of a wolf that night.

Coming from FL, my first winter working in Yellowstone and a white wolf walked across the trail in front of me. The very next spring I had another close encounter with a black wolf. My life in the last 10 years has been dominated by the wolf — I imagined him and he was the main theme of my art. Then he disappeared. Recently I went through a shaman ritual and discovered that wolf is my spiritual animal. Your post clarified so much!

I now know why I saw him at that specific moment in my life. But I never knew what he meant to me until I spent hours reading what you have written. But when I lost my wolf, I lost myself. Interesting take! I also lost my wolf and you are right, I need to find him but this time for the right reasons. My next thougt was how much the people had done to themselves to be so isolated from everything thats good and true.

The barriers mankind ercted to divide the undividable are immense and i am so sorry for them. I saw it when walking on the trail. Nothing about him seemed dangerous, in fact, he seemed gentle and protective, almost like he was watching over me and the people I was with. I was confused as to why I was seeing it, and why I was the only one who noticed it, especially since the last wolf roaming this state was killed in But now I know.

Your article really helped me make sense of why I saw the wolf. Is there anyway I could see my wolf again? America is now going through a period of white American males committing suicide now because they are lost their jobs and they are realizing that all this everyone for themselves attitude has backfired on them because it has now affect them personally. I feel more akin to the early fighter pilots of World War I because they had to learn to survive the hard way when it came to learning how to fight and survive in the air by themselves.

You could also say that about the night fighter pilots of World War II because it was impossible even today to fly and fight with a wingman as a team at night. A lone wolf showed up as i came down the stairs of my porch on the way to do some laundry in the garage in rural Sevierville,Tn. We looked directly in each others eyes, the wolf looked at me like a human…without submissive or aggression.

It was like seeing a beautiful sight and than you realize maybe i shouldnt stare because its rude. A Very balanced creature :. How interesting. I live in Kodak! Hey there neighbor, lol. I would love to lay my eyes on a wolf. Only in my dreams have I ever. I have the most profound and deep connection with wolves.