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This stand-alone workbook helps leaders and lay persons alike a High-Impact Church Boards can help reinvigorate and motivate your church by making leadership easier and more fulfilling. From a wealth of practical experience, T. Addington empowers pastors and Although few children evinced direct knowledge of ritual abuse, many revealed general knowledge of satanism and satanic worship. With age, children's religious knowledge increased and became more sophisticated.

Increased exposure to nonsatanic horror media was associated with more nonreligious knowledge that could be considered precursory to satanic knowledge, and increased exposure to satanic media was associated with more knowledge related to satanism. The results suggest that children do not generally possess sufficient knowledge of satanic ritual abuse to make up false allegations on their own.

Simandl, Robert J. Clinical Practice, No. Abstract: from the chapter The purpose of this chapter is to focus on teenagers and young adults who dabble with the symbols and rituals associated with satanism and other areas of the occult, or the experimental teen dabbler group.

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Experimental teen dabblers refers to adolescents who exhibit ritual behaviors but do not have family involvement. The other purpose of this chapter is to alert therapists about ritualized abuse. Teen dabbling at times can lead to serious consequences; early intervention by therapists and law enforcement agents can prevent or curtail involvement in ritual activities. Emerson, Shirley and Yvonne Syron. Abstract: Describes adolescent satanic practice as studied by the authors working with affected families in southwestern states over a period of seven years.

Dilemma for counselors to understand how satanism is related to religion; Comparison of personal values with values inherent in satanism; Danger to adolescents' involvement in satanism. Kang, Wi Jo. Lowney, Kathleen S. Abstract: An ethnographic portrait resulting from five years of field work with a coven of teenage Satanists in a Southern community is presented. The writer describes the dominant culture of the community as the Satanists saw it and describes their critique of that culture.

She then analyzes the development of a Satanic style by the coven as an expression of their opposition to the dominant culture. She argues that the psychological, folklore, and constructionist perspectives on Satanism are lacking the important voice of the adolescent Satanists themselves and that by listening to them, it becomes clear that Satanism enables them to challenge the norms and values of the dominant culture.

The writer concludes that as the coven lacked the material power to institute social change, either in the social structure of the high school or in the wider community, its critique of the dominant culture could only operate at the symbolic level. Curtis, J. Abstract: Unprecedented escalation of secular and religious cults has necessitated further inquiry into more precise conditions under which individuals develop vulnerability and become converted by these groups.

The present discussion focuses on a number of factors which seem to influence individuals' susceptibility and recruitment by cults. These variables include a generalized ego-weakness and emotional vulnerability, b propensities toward dissociative states, c tenuous, deteriorated, or nonexistent family relations and support systems, d inadequate means of dealing with exigencies of survival, e history of severe child abuse or neglect, f exposure to idiosyncratic or eccentric family patterns, g proclivities toward or abuse of controlled substances, h unmanageable and debilitating situational stress and crises, and i intolerable socioeconomic conditions.

Also presented are methods utilized by cults, e. More careful attention to these factors might help health care providers, educators, clergy, and concerned family and friends determine more precisely individuals at greater risk for recruitment into cults. Mercer, Joyce Ann. A case study is presented of a male age 16 who engaged in satanic rituals for reasons of self-esteem. Tucker, Rob. New York, NY: W. Abstract: from the chapter outlines emergent concerns relating to. Stevens, P. Abstract: The "Black" or "Satanic" Mass is the western Christian variant of a complex scenario that expresses people's most basic and terrible fears.

Many elements in the scenario, called a demonology, are found universally and throughout history. Anthropological examination of them suggests that they represent sub-cultural, innate fears deeply rooted in our evolutionary biology. This paper briefly discusses certain motifs prominent in the satanic demonology, including: nocturnal activity, ritual murder and the ritual use of blood, cannibalism and vampirism, incest and other forms of illicit sexuality, general fears of danger to children, and death, all of which represent universal cultural fears.

Also considered are certain elements which seem specific to Western variants of the demonology, e. The possibilities of primate parallels to some of these features of the demonology is also considered. Cultural bases for these elements and the significance of their distribution may help to explain the widespread allegations of horrible deeds by satanic cults, and the testimonies of "survivors" of satanic rituals.

Swatos, William H. Purported Satanic involvement is shown to be an extreme form of deviance, most probably connected to other antisocial activities as a legitimation rather than a motivation. No evidence is found for Satanism as an organized movement. Swain Morgan, Jolene. The results also showed that basically there is no difference between males and females in area of substance abuse, survival sex, suicidal ideation, sexual abuse and depression.

Galanter, Marc ed. Abstract: Preface. Psychotherapy of cult members, P Hamburg and D Hoffman. Civil liberties, cults, and new religious movements: the psychiatrist's role, P Mohl. Cults and new religious movements, M Galanter. New religious movements in historical perspective, E Pattison and R Ness. Contemporary youth: their psychological needs and beliefs, H Work. Life in the cults, S Levine. Families of cult members: consultation and treatment, D Halperin. Psychotherapeutic implications of new religious affiliation, B Kilbourne.

Psychological perspectives on cult leadership, A Deutsch. Persuasive techniques in contemporary cults: a public health approach, L West. Religious cult membership: a sociobiologic model, B Wenegrat. The psychology of induction: a review and interpretation, J Richardson. De-programming involuntary departure , coercion, and cults, J Ungerleider and D Wellisch. The civil liberties of religious minorities, T Bohn and J Gutman. Options for legal intervention, R Delgado. Public reaction against new religious movements, D Bromley and A Shupe.

Goldberg, Lorna and William Goldberg. Sparkes, Barry Herd. Thesis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Abstract: This dissertation examines the use of the dark areas of the occult in the lives of six adolescents who have been involved with black magic, satanic ritual, or other occult practices. Data was collected by means of an interview concerned with the ethnic, economic and religious background of the subjects' family, the subjects' relationships with family, community and state agencies, and the duration of involvement with the occult.

The interview and data analysis drew from two perspectives: The first five stages of Erik Erikson's "Eight Stages of Man" identity development model and the existential psychological examination of the "problems of youth" by Paul Goodman in Growing Up Absurd The study provides an examination of the historical and current use of the occult as a social-strain gauge and disturbing parallels of despairing behavior between the youth culture of Weimar Republic Germany and that of the United States.

A strong connection is made between the involvement with dark areas of the occult and the loss of meaning, hope and faith. The subjects came from circumstances that hampered healthy negotiation of Erik Erikson's first five stages of identity development. The subjects grew up in circumstances that led to despairing beliefs and behaviors, as described by Goodman. The data suggests that the nature of the use of magic during early adolescence depends on the nurturent physical, psychological and ideological circumstances of infancy, and latency.

The subjects represent a larger despairing population uninvolved with the occult or the helping system that puts society at risk politically and economically. The current youth culture parallels with Weimar Republic youth culture suggest that this larger despairing population threatens society because they could be manipulated by historical circumstance and charismatic personalities to commit widespread depravity in the name of political change.

Tennant Clark, Cynthia M. Fritz, and Fred Beauvais. Eisenberg, Gary D. Northvale, NJ: J. Wright, Stuart A. Piper, Ken Rigby, and Tony R. Abstract: Studied 45 members of and 45 defectors from 3 highly controversial religious cults Unification Church, Hare Krishna, and Children of God to assess the extent of family influence on decisions to remain or withdraw. Findings reveal a strong correlation between measures of family affinity and choices by Ss. Important differences between leavers and stayers were shown with regard to perceived parental attitudes toward involvement, prior familial closeness, and adolescent experiences with families.

Parental disapproval was found to be the most important variable in explaining disaffiliation. A re-examination of the alleged link between cult involvement and family deprivation--a causal connection not supported by the present study--is suggested. Langone, Michael D. Invited contributions of the Inter-Varsity team: Prologue: the Evangelicals set forth their case, by Dietrich Gruen; A code of ethics for the Christian evangelist; Ethical evangelism, yes! Unethical proselytizing, no!

Of cults and Evangelicals: labeling and lumping, by R Enroth. Christian evangelism and social responsibility: an Evangelical view, by Joseph M Hopkins. Religious pluralism, dialogue, and the ethics of social influence, by E C Kreider. Ethics in proselytizing--a Jewish view, by R D Mecklenburger. Evangelicals and cults, by M R Rudin. Objectionable aspects of "cults": rhetoric and reality, by T Robbins. Cults, Evangelicals, and the ethics of social influence, by M D Langone. Fisch, Dov Aharoni. New York: Feldheim Publishers.

The success of the mission is at a lesser risk as all hands are on deck and ready to go. For example, a pastor may hear God tell him to gather his flock together and fast from all food for 3 days. All would fast. A good leader will certainly listen to their concerns with compassion. The events of in Baton Rouge changed that considerably.

Now, the process that poor pastor must go through when the need to call the troops to action is enough to cause him to resign! He is already preparing his heart for resistance—the resistance that was perpetuated back in He shares his impression that God wants this three-day fast with his leadership team, hoping to gain support. He prays again asking God for more insight as to the purpose of the fast. He wants to make sure he has enough info so as to effectively sell this idea to the people.

After all, an affirmed and happy family is very important. The same five or six people who show up for everything sign up and the rest of the sheet is left blank. The next time God says something, the pastor will be even less zealous in sharing the dream. Now, the para-church leader, who may have several submitted and committed men and women of God, many who may actually pay tuition to participate in an internship, hears the same voice of God to call a fast. Here is his process:.

Those under the authority of the para-church leader had no need to pray about the directive. No need to have an opinion on the matter. No murmuring. No complaining. No second-guessing. This call is threatened by the self-governing spirit. Pastors have soft stepped around teaching this subject to the detriment of Kingdom advance. I read that statistic and about cried and rose up in righteous anger at the same time. This must not be!

This is the greatest way to live! Joy abounds, miracles happen, people are strengthened and the love of God burns hot. As we are willing to die to our own opinions and lovingly serve the greater cause, we will watch our inner man come alive. Obedience is a struggle for them.

Obedience to a man is even more foreign. This is a call to a volunteer and responsive people. The willing. Those ready to heed the call of the great Recruiter. Those who respond to this drawing of the Holy Spirit into radical action would partner with God in His mighty end-time activity of advancing His Kingdom on the earth. They do not push one another; Every one marches in his own column. Though they lunge between the weapons, They are not cut down.

They run to and fro in the city, They run on the wall; They climb into the houses, They enter at the windows like a thief. The earth quakes before them, The heavens tremble; The sun and moon grow dark, And the stars diminish their brightness. For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible; Who can endure it? Every one in formation, in rank, not pushing, in his own column.

I recently received a prophetic word for in my inbox from Dutch Sheets. He is going to expose wineskins new or old and religious spirits, taking off the masks of those who oppose His move. Those who refuse to move in current truth will begin to openly criticize leaders in the Body of Christ that are moving in the flow of the apostolic and the prophetic. Some have been doing so in a very subtle way, but this year, it will become obvious.

When they do, God is going to begin to judge them. He went on to talk about a radical restructuring of the Church as we know it. God is pouring into His leadership new instructions for a new paradigm. People need to be connected and agreed with this new move of God like never before in their lives. I read in another place the other day a prophecy regarding lawlessness coming to this nation.

Covens in the Church by John Burton - Issuu

Great disunity in the church will arise due to a spirit of lawlessness. This will lead to widespread betrayal. However, the remaining remnant will be intentionally and passionately unified for a great end-time revival! He will draw a line in the sand and make them decide who they are and what they stand for. The political games in the Church will be judged. For those who refuse to flow with current revelation and resist it, you will see them come into disfavor.

Some ministries and churches will lose their favor this year. Others will be raised up and given more influence. It is a year of dismantling that which is built that is not bringing Him glory and a year of great building for others. This year, if we are not in proper alignment with leaders, properly connected to those we need to be walking with, and properly covered by those in positions of authority, it will begin to cost us fruitfulness and health, resulting in destruction in other ways, loss of revelation, and destiny.

The setbacks will begin for those who are not properly aligned. Two people are fixed on a goal, on a mission. Two people are intimately married to one another for the sake of the goal. Now look a bit further down in the book of Amos it is declared that we must respond to those who are giving direction as they receive it from the Lord:.

God always has and always will give directives through people. That clearly implies that the one receiving direction from God must be confident that there are people under his authority who will carry out the directive with him. God loves you very much and is capable of protecting you even as He has placed you under the authority of imperfect men and women. Those under his care must be in a continual state of responsiveness.

They must quickly step up. Those called to action will sometimes feel a confirmation in their spirit, though sometimes they will not. This issue of confirmation needs to be understood correctly. God would never tell you to independently violate His own established authority. A lack of confirmation is not a license to rebel.

God honors his established authority and he calls us to do the same. Again, if you feel yourself struggling here, take another moment and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Remember, we are not to be self-governing in an attempt to protect ourselves from flawed leaders. That is the wrong response to the problem. This is the core idea of the entire book. As we submit to those whom God placed over us, be they good or evil, God will ensure our protection. We may have to go through difficult situations that seemingly limit us, put our dreams on hold or even violate our pet ideas and opin-.

Covens In The Church- 29 ions. The situations may last years, but we must submit in love without failure! God is able to bring us through! Only God can reestablish us under a new authority. Please understand this point—leaders certainly should not ever attempt to coerce people to follow their lead. They should not be heavy handed, cruel or use guilt tactics. It truly is a volunteer army. No draft has been installed. This is the case even though our officers may not be functioning as well as they could. Simply, people can trust God by responding with trust themselves as they support the mission of the church or ministry.

God will judge improper leaders with precision—so we can be relieved of the duty to judge them ourselves and simply serve. Romans Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.

Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe.

This passage acknowledges the dilemma people are in when they are called to honor and submit in the midst of problematic leadership. Simply, unless they are requiring you to disobey a clear truth in the Bible, do what they call you to do, but do not be like them. Do not lead others like they lead you.

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There is a biblical process that we must embrace in the arena of differing opinions. As humans it is normal to have a variety of different ideas from those we are in relationship with—including leadership. Just how we handle those differing ideas is the matter at hand. If we are holding strong to our own selfish ambitions even if those ambitions are good!

Index of Cults and Religions

Churches will split, gossip will flourish and division will actually be entertained as an optional method of resolution. In the midst of different ideas, experiences, thoughts, opinions and concerns we simply agree to disagree for the sake of the mission. Agreement must be a mandatory and deliberate position that we all stand strong in, even at the cost of personal comfort and advance. If God is releasing you from participation, make sure you follow through in the usually lengthy process of transition from this assignment to the next. Go blessed and free and sent by your pastor.

We agree to disagree and remain unified. In Amos we see that God will reveal corporate instructions to some but not all. The rest of us are called to respond to the call of God as given through an imperfect human, and that can be a challenge for the best of us! But, when we humble ourselves and surrender our right to cause a disturbance we can still move ahead in strength.

The corporate mission is not threatened! If there is calamity in a city, will not the Lord have done it? A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy? We know that Satan is the accuser of the brethren, and he loves it when he finds allies in the fellowship of believers to help him with his schemes of destruction.

At this point, submission has failed. Personal preference has turned into a personal mission of dominance. The sowing of discord among brethren is an abomination! Did you feel the weight of that? After teaching this to a class of interns one of them came to me the next day. He said that ever since he arrived a month ago he has had a heavy heart. After this class God convicted him of embracing a divisive and accusing spirit. So, he secretly gathered the youth together and took them himself. You can see it in the diagram on the right. Any idea what word should fill in the blank? Turn the page.

Unholy agreement. He gathered people to himself, to his vision a great vision and away from his leadership. Even though his heart simply wanted God and he felt a prayer and fasting event would be entirely appropriate, his action against his authority was inappropriate.

The agreement people had with his vision resulted in disagreement, disunity, with those who were their rightful leaders. The enemy craves agreement. He knows the power of it. The alliance is so important. So, this particular individual was in the prayer room here and immediately repented for his rebellion to his authority. He said immediately he was broken and experienced God for the first time in weeks.

He cried and cried as the love of the Father rushed in. He called his leaders in his church back home and repented. They forgave him entirely and thanked him for his heart to make things right. How amazing is that! Division will lead to unholy agreement.

As we allow ourselves to align with others against leaders we are enhancing demonic unity. The motives can seem pure and we may have the best interest of the body at heart, but it never produces anything good. The story of Absalom should speak clearly to us in regard to this issue. In this manner Absalom acted toward all Israel who came to the king for judgment. So Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel. Absalom disagreed with his leader, and embraced the others who shared in his disagreement. We see this occur time and again within churches.

It has a ring of honor to it as people presume to have the best interest of everybody at heart. The results for those who embrace this spirit are often devastating. Absalom rode on a mule. The mule went under the thick boughs of a great terebinth tree, and his head caught in the terebinth; so he was left hanging between heaven and earth. And the mule which was under him went on.

And why did you not strike him there to the ground? I would have given you ten shekels of silver and a belt. We always pray and support and love with abandonment! A differing opinion should never cause us to remove ourselves from a place of agreement with these people. We unite with them and serve as people who honor those God has placed in our lives. Pastors, prophets, apostles, politicians, policemen, bosses, etc.


Submit to God and be ready to serve Him through the process of love, prayer and encouragement for that leader. Watch what you say. Speak life always.

Message to VE! from the NC Coven

Do not gossip. Submission is actually spotlighted when someone honors his or her authority when the order is contrary to their own opinions, experience or position. We can agree with our authority while not agreeing with the order or instruction or position. It is never appropriate to remove ourselves from a position of submission if the order given is inconvenient, bothersome or irritating. Since the church has increasingly put demands on the very ones who they are to be receiving leadership from.

This is sin, and it must stop. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. In the enemy caused millions of believers to be afraid of authority. Many people who have been hurt by controlling pastors made a foolish decision by embracing that very same spirit for themselves—the spirit of control.

We absolutely need to sever that alliance. God is our great Protector. Fear of authority will dissipate as the Holy Spirit once again takes up residence in the place where the spirits of Independence and Control once ruled. We have to learn to submit to men and not to touch authority in a light way. In all these relationships we have to learn to know authority and practice obedience. We have to know that there are lords and masters in everything; we cannot assume to be the master as soon as we touch something. We have to learn obedience through many situations.

One finds authority in the hospital. As soon as he works in a hospital, he has to obey the authority in the hospital. There is even authority in a restaurant. Some serve as managers, and we have to learn to obey them. If we touch authority in a genuine way, we will find authority wherever we go. In obeying the authority of earthly institutions, we are actually obeying God because all authorities are from God.

We have to see that every authority is from God. I disagree.